Apple releases new update to fix Watch Series 7: Latest Updates!!!

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Apple: Apple has released watchOS 8.1.1, a minor update for the Apple Watch Series 7 that fixes a charging issue.

The update fixes a charging issue with the Apple Watch Series 7, according to the release notes. According to Apple Insider, no user-facing functionality have been added or changed.


19R580 is the new build number for watchOS 8.1.1, which replaces 19R570. On October 25, watchOS 8.1 was released with primarily bug fixes and performance enhancements.

When the Apple Watch is on its charger, charged to at least 50% battery, and within the Wi-Fi range of the host iPhone, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically for users who have Automatic Updates enabled.

Users can also manually upgrade their Apple Watches by going to their iPhone’s Apple Watch app, according to the article.

The update follows Apple’s release of iOS 15.1.1, which contained solutions for issues with dropped calls on the iPhone 12 and 13.

There haven’t been any reports of charging issues with the Appl Watch Series 7.It’s possible that the quick charging that’s exclusive to the latest Watch has something to do with the fact that the update only fixes charging difficulties for Series 7.

Although it isn’t stated in the release notes, Apple mentions on its Security Updates page that the upgrade is only for Series 7 GPS + Cellular handsets.

There are no security upgrades in watchOS 8.1.1 or iOS 15.1.1, according to Apple.


What is the procedure for updating the Apple Watch?

For customers who have Automatic Updates turned on, the update will download and install automatically when the Apple Watch is plugged in, charged to at least 50% capacity, and within Wi-Fi range of the host iPhone. Users can also manually upgrade their Apple Watch by going to the Apple Watch app on their iPhone.

Open the Watch app on your phone.

Go to General and then Software Update.

You will be prompted to download and install any updates that are available.

Place the  Watch on the charger it came with.

The update will commence once the Apple has reached 50% battery life.

Remove the Apple from the charger only once the update has finished and the time has been shown.

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