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13 The Musical: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!


13 The Musical Updates: The musical 13 features lyrics by Jason Robert Brown, music by Dan Elish, and a book by Robert Horn.13 THE MUSICAL PLOT :Evan Goldman, a 12yearold New Yorker, will shortly celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.

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His father is starting to develop feelings for a stewardess, which has led his mother to file for divorce from his father (“Thirteen/Becoming A Man”). He wants his party to be unforgettable, but that might not happen because his parents are divorcing. Evan’s mother calls to inform him that they are moving to Appleton, Indiana, just as he begins to believe that everything will be okay.

As soon as he arrives, Evan becomes friends with his neighbour Patrice, who falls for him while telling him about Appleton, Indiana (“The Lamest Place in the World”). Later that month, Evan runs into the most popular student in the school, Brett Sampson, and his thugs, Malcolm and Eddie, and instructs them to take Kendra, a highly attractive girl that Brett wants to date, to a horror movie where Brett may do “The Tongue.” Evan gets the moniker “Brain” from Brett due of his concept.

Later, when Kendra is asked out by Brett, her envious friend Lucy, who has a thing on Brett, tries to stop her from going (“Hey, Kendra”). Evan is overjoyed when Brett informs him that the plan appears to have been successful because it implies that Brett will attend his Bar Mitzvah, and if Brett attends, everyone else will as well. But Patrice is not pleased. The other kids won’t go to the Bar Mitzvah if she goes because they don’t like her, and Evan will be thought of as “uncool” for hanging around with her.

13 The Musical

When he distributes the invitations, Evan realises that Patrice is correct and, in a fit of panic, tears up her invitation so that the popular kids will attend. Evan initially believes that it won’t be that bad. Archie, a boy with muscular dystrophy, enters and introduces himself as the other children are talking about how excited they are for Evan’s celebration. He is unhappy with Evan for making his best and only friend, Patrice, look bad, but he makes a commitment to help make it up to her if Evan can set him up on a date with Kendra.After failing to convince Evan to get him a date using his degenerative condition, Archie tries to persuade him that Evan is the only person who can do so and that if he doesn’t, Archie will spoil his Bar Mitzvah by showing there (“Get Me What I Need”). Evan gives in at last.


This is shortly to be released. The scheduled date of release is August 12, 2022. Keep checking for new information.

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